The ability to pay for a service or product electronically has become a crucial way for companies to acquire customers. But providing a choice of methods to pay goes beyond merely being able to say you offer them. Understanding how a payment method like automated clearing house processing, or ACH processing, can help both your company and your customers will enable you to better utilize the method for a better payment experience.

Make Payments Easy

Using the ACH payment processing service to send or receive payments is already an easy way to let your customers pay you. By being able to use ACH instead of waiting for checks or bank wires allows you to:

  • Keep better track of your incoming money
  • Offer an alternate source of payment ensuring all avenues are covered
  • Enable scheduled payments so that so you don’t have to wait for someone at the company to actually process the physical check

It’s not uncommon to have customers who, either through preference or past experience, want to keep transactions as simple as possible. Painless’ processing systems allow your customers to make scheduled or one time payments in an easy manner with a simple to use interface.

Save on Fees and rates

On the flip side, your company’s budget can benefit from allowing ACH transactions because the fees and rates are usually much lower. Painless’ ACH account rates vary depending on your company’s particular situation, but they are still low compared to credit card processing rates. Rather than offering only credit card transactions that could cost you more, add in ACH transactions.

Prevent Fraud

When setting up an ACH payment, especially a recurring payment, the customer has to give you his or her account information. However, once you set up the payment, that’s the only time the customer has to put that information out there. With a check, the customer has to send the information over and over again, and you have to bring that information to your bank over and over again. That increases overall risk.


Working with an ACH processing company like Painless can help both you and your customers make smoother, safer financial transactions. Your customers deserve to have a way to pay that doesn’t set them up for problems in the future. Contact Painless to discuss how ACH processing could further improve your ability to provide customers with excellent service or apply for a merchant account today!

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