A merchant cash advance is an excellent way to get a boost of capital to make the necessary investments that’ll increase your company’s sales and improve your bottom line. Becoming a successful business owner takes consistently reviewing your company for growth opportunities, and quick funding through a merchant cash advance is an excellent option. Here are a couple of the best ways you can utilize a merchant cash advance to your advantage:


The 5 Best Ways to Utilize a Merchant Cash Advance

  • Inventory purchases. Does your business experience seasonal fluctuations? Restaurants and retailers often see upswings around certain holidays and periods of the year. Merchant cash advances can help fund additional inventory purchases to help you be well stocked before the busy season arrives.
  • Advertising.  Advertising has been proven time and time again to dramatically increase sales and position businesses in a market. Unfortunately, good advertising comes at a cost. Using a merchant cash advance can help you get your company’s name out there through mediums like television, the radio, and the Internet. For this latter one, you can use the immediate funds to test out which ads on which demographic work best for even better results.
  • Equipment purchases.  At some point in every business there comes a time when you’ll need to buy or replace equipment. But if a sudden break down catches you unaware or you need more equipment to capitalize on a sudden sales boost, you might lack the necessary funds. Merchant cash advances help with these finances. Whether you need computers or farm machinery, this is a great way to gain quick access to funds so you can get on with business and increasing your bottom line.
  • Meeting tax obligations. This is a big one for small business and start-ups. As a business owner, you’re not collecting a regular employer-signed paycheck. This means you’re not having taxes automatically deducted and could wind up paying a lump sum to the government at the end of the year. If you didn’t properly budget for this tax takeout, a merchant cash advance helps you pay Uncle Sam on time and in full.
  • Expanding your establishment.  If your business is booming and sales offers are rolling on in, you might find yourself in cramped quarters with the desperate need to expand to capitalize on the potential sales flow. Maybe you can enlarge or renovate your current space, or maybe the increase means a complete address move. Whatever the case, such expansion ideas might be out of your immediate financial reach. Instead of putting your goals on hold, accessing the quick funds available through a merchant cash advance allows you to move on up in the world of business.

When Opportunity Knocks

Lady Luck and her companion Opportunity don’t come around every day. Unfortunately, often the best opportunities do cost a little money and they’ll only be available for a short window. Merchant cash advances allow you to take advantage of such chances even when your current cash flow is low.


And at Painless Processing, we specialize in providing high risk merchant accounts with the money they need when other providers say ‘not for us’. Some of these high risk specialized industries include:

  • Adult Merchant Accounts
  • Charter Services Merchant Accounts
  • Collection Agency Merchant Accounts
  • Electronic Cigarette Merchant Accounts
  • Medical Marijuana Merchant Accounts
  • And so much more!

If you need cash fast, but don’t have good credit or the adequate collateral to satisfy the bank’s criteria, not a problem. At Painless Processing we offer small business owners like yourself the quick cash you need without the pain of endless paperwork. Contact us today!


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