Payment processing for testing labs industry

New products flood the market and new diseases create pressing demands for compliance and test results. To have compliance verification or results necessary for travel having an ample amount of testing labs is essential in today’s world.

There are several types of testing labs within the industry, those who test medicines or food, those Testing Labs who test CBD and Cannabis for potency or pesticides, and those who test for traces of illness like Testing labs for COVID 19. These facilities get hired by companies or individuals to collect samples and perform tests in a lab, provide a report and verifiable results. These lab reports have to be certified and weigh heavily in importance for end users weather to ingest a product, or whether they should quarantine at home.

Demands for testing lab businesses are growing

The demands for testing lab businesses are growing at a rapid pace within the marketplace and newer faster and efficient forms of testing are becoming ever the more popular. Many would think that people and banks would promote this business types and offer them incentives for opening their doors and doing a good thing… it is actually quite the opposite. Finding a merchant account or credit card processing for your Testing Labs business is difficult as many banks consider it a high risk business. It doesn’t matter if you lab is testing Cannabis, Vitamins or Rapid COVID 19 tests, traditional banks have difficulties underwriting the service.

Merchant and payment processing services for testing labs facilities

Painless Processing / Greenway Payments have been working with testing labs as well as third party testing facilities and providing them with solid, reliable, and affordable processing solutions. Our team is able to underwrite these businesses in house with very competitive domestic processing and prequalification’s within 15 minutes and have you processing in under 48 hours. Our team of experts understands the business and even has the latest in equipment, point of sale terminals and wireless on the go processing units. Call one of our knowledgeable agents for a simple rate review if you currently have a testing lab that has credit card processing. Work with a team that understand your Testing lab business and provides superior service without the hassle.