Cannabis Extract Terpenes Payment Processor

In the last 5 years cannabis extracts have had immeasurable growth and dominated the market when it comes to consumers. A large component of the market for extracts and flower which is a natural by product in cannabis or something that provides flavor is called terpenes . Avery commonly used alias for terpenes is terps. This has created a very large ancillary market place for the sale of terpenes (terps)not only commercially to extractors and copackers but also to end users to provide a more flavor filled experience when they are vaping , smoking, or doing tincture drops of their favorite cannabis, CBD, delta 8 or delta 10 blend. Companies that provide these terpenes (terps) extract or manufacture them. terpenes are a very broad category of products but for resellers fall into two main categories and that is cannabis derived and artificial terpenes (terps).

Terpense manufacturer or reseller merchant accounts

Now no matter what category the Terpense manufacturer or reseller falls into this industry by most banks and merchant service providers is considered a high risk business because the end products are generally used either directly with or in conjuction with cannabis. Cannabis is a federally controlled substance and no bank that has federal insurance can be associated with the processing of payment for cannabis or cannabis accessories making it difficult for business owners to find credit card processing or merchant services for their Terpenes business. So what are these business to do if they need to transact financially and accept credit card payments.

Greenway Payments servicing cannabis ancillary businesses

Our dedicated team at Painless Processing / Greenway Payments has been servicing cannabis ancillary businesses for over a dozen years and offers the most diverse array of reliable processing solutions to accommodate the Terpense industry. What our team offers is reliable, competitive, domestic payment processing for your Terpense business. Well how is this possible you might ask? Well our company is hyper focused on these cannabis ancillary businesses and have an exclusive deal with a funding bank that understands that the actual terpense contain no THC and has allowed us the ability to get rapid approvals, and do the underwriting in house.

If you simply send us your phone number and website we can have you prequalified in 15 minutes and processing in less than 2 days with no hassle. Call one of our in house agents and get your Terpense business processing today and start with an application. If you are currently using an off shore or high cost solution you can simply have a competitive rate review and hassle free service swap and save some money. Our team looks forward to providing your Terpense business with a painless processing solution.