What is an E-Commerce Merchant Account?

Every payment made with a credit card involves a merchant account. The business (that’s you) can either accept these payments through your bank or a third party service such as Painless Processing. As businesses expand and go online, they need a way to handle payment options for their products or services. Banks are very wary about giving e-commerce merchant accounts because they lack having a physical card to swipe. Banks categorize these type of accounts as high-risk and in many cases do deal with them.  Finding a secure, reliable and affordable method of completing these payment methods with a computer or other device is often the most difficult part of the process. A merchant account consists of three things: a cart, a payment method and a merchant account.


The staff at Painless Processing are knowledgeable of highly specialized accounts to help you. These include:

  • High Risk Industry Accounts
  • Marijuana Related Accounts
  • Adult Industries
  • Other types of merchant accounts


Painless Processing offers low rates especially for high-risk companies.  Compare their prices to other merchant account processing businesses and you will see that for your money, you will be getting the best deal available. Not all types of merchant accounts have been mentioned, so don’t worry and just contact Painless. Visit our website or call us so that we can work out a plan that works for your type of business.


What makes me a high risk account?

Risks arise when the merchant does not see the customer and cannot verify the signature on the back of the card cross checked by an identification. These mail-in orders, phone orders or Internet orders increase bank risk.  Selling cigarettes, medical marijuana or dating site memberships, to name a few, can place you in the high risk end of the spectrum. Painless Processing has the technical staff available to help navigate through the entire process so that payments are made to you are in a timely, efficient manner. Painless provide the in-house underwriting process. They will turn around and get your application approved usually within 48 hours. Different merchant providers offer different shopping cart integration’s. Painless Processing can match your business with an appropriate gateway and integrate the process Painlessly.



Rates for Painless Processing depend on many factors. Retail businesses receive the lowest rate because the merchant can verify the signature. Low risk, retail merchants usually pay a 0.49% rate while the highest rate is at 7.96% rate if you cannot get approval for an e-commerce merchant account. The personnel at Painless Processing will be able to give you an estimate as to your rate. By using our Save by Switching Program, you upload your latest statement and you have changed your merchant service provider.This will lower your overhead and save you money.


With Internet business on the upswing, it’s time that you get involved in selling your products online. With low rates from Painless Processing, you will be making more money for a very small investment.


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