Point of Banking

The cashless ATM.

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How a point of banking terminal benefits your business.

Easy to Use

Plug and process set-up with easy to use instructions.


Avoid Bulky ATM's

Eliminate taking precious floor space or sending customers out of your store to nearby ATM’s.

Rapid Funding

Funds deposit immediately and clear within 48 hours.

Reporting & Support

All terminals have full, real-time reporting capabilities, full back-end support and assistance.

No Merchant Account, No Problem

Perfect solution for merchants who cannot obtain a merchant account.


Eliminate Chargebacks & Fraud

4-digit pin code required to complete a transaction.


No Batching

This program is a direct push-pay system and transactions are processed in real-time.

ATM Machine or Cashless ATM?

We’ll let you decide.

A cashless ATM works just like a cash transaction.

Here’s how:



Merchant rings up the sale of goods.



Customers swipe their card, follow the prompts, and complete their digital ATM withdrawal by entering the 4-digit pin code associated with the card being used.



A receipt is printed that verifies the cash withdrawal was completed and funds were sent to the merchant’s bank account.



Merchants keep the receipt for accounting record and complete the transaction as if it were a cash purchase providing change if necessary.

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Accept card transactions without a merchant account.

Known as a cashless ATM, point of banking works just like an ATM. The only exchange of cash, if any, is the change given back to the customer. Having a cashless ATM at your register avoids the need for a big, bulky ATM in your store taking up valuable floor space, or having to send the customer out of the store to go withdraw cash from the nearest ATM. For merchants that cannot get a merchant account for their retail store because of the products or services they sell, don’t have the credit or financial position, or have been blacklisted by the Visa or MasterCard brands; this is the closest solution you will find to a real merchant account.

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