The Advantages of Cashless ATMs

Merchant account costs and ACH fees add up for small businesses, and it’s impossible for some owners even to utilize these services. Point of Banking (POB) systems are a worthwhile solution for reducing expenses and helping businesses process credit cards without merchant accounts. These operate like ATMs but are cashless, giving customers the convenient experience they expect and pays back the merchant at the same time.
Painless Processing offers cashless ATM processors for businesses who need to accept credit card payments. We pair merchants with the right POB system for their business, assist with the install, and provide support to ensure efficient and reliable transactions.

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Point of Banking System – Cashless ATMs

With a POB, businesses can accept credit cards without merchant accounts. In some instances, it’s not easy for owners to obtain one of these accounts, as they are costly. Cashless ATMs are an easy fix for many merchants as they are small, resemble traditional credit card readers, and include a convenience fee for all transactions. It takes only four steps to use the ATM and complete a sale or cash withdrawal.

Easy Setup

Setup and use of a POB terminal is much easier than installing a traditional ATM and offers a range of benefits. Small and compact, they only take up a few inches of space on the counter. All merchants have to do is plug the machine in and follow the setup instructions, which Painless Processing is happy to assist with. Once connected, merchants never have to send customers to an outside ATM, making it easier to retain business.

Robust Processing

Once the customer has used the system, the money is instantly transferred to the owner’s bank account, negating any batch timelines. The convenience fee more than covers ACH transfer costs. Beyond recording transactions, our POB systems offer real-time reporting capabilities, connecting merchants with valuable data including time of purchase, transaction amount, products purchased, and more. This allows owners to adjust their business based on customer habits and take card payments without ever setting up a merchant account.


Fraud and chargebacks are all but eliminated since customers must enter a PIN code to complete their purchase. Most fraud is committed without the use of a 4-digit code, so merchants can feel at ease knowing the purchases are all but guaranteed to be completed.

Accept card transactions without a merchant account

Known as a cashless ATM, point of banking works just like an ATM. The only exchange of cash, if any, is the change given back to the customer. Having a cashless ATM at your register avoids the need for a big, bulky ATM in your store taking up valuable floor space, or having to send the customer out of the store to go withdraw cash from the nearest ATM.

Ready to go cashless?

For merchants that cannot get a merchant account for their retail store because of the products or services they sell, don’t have the credit or financial position, or have been blacklisted by the Visa or MasterCard brands; this is the closest solution you will find to a real merchant account.

A cashless ATM works just like a cash transaction.


Merchant rings up the sale of goods.


Customers swipe their card, follow the prompts, and complete their digital ATM withdrawal by entering the 4-digit pin code associated with the card being used.


A receipt is printed that verifies the cash withdrawal was completed and funds were sent to the merchant’s bank account.


Merchants keep the receipt for accounting record and complete the transaction as if it were a cash purchase providing change if necessary.

How a point of banking terminal benefits your business.

There are many benefits to Cashless ATM – Pint Of Banking.

Easy to Use

Plug and process set-up with easy to use instructions.

Avoid Bulky ATM’s

Eliminate taking precious floor space or sending customers out of your store to nearby ATM’s.

Rapid Funding

Funds deposit immediately and clear within 48 hours.

Save Time & Less Hassle

Eliminate trips to the bank and go paperless.

Ready to go cashless?

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ATM Machine or Cashless ATM?

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Cashless ATM Traditional ATM
Fits conveniently on a countertop next to register
Does not need to be serviced regularly
Never runs out of cash
Has real-time reporting capabilities
Lifetime warranty

Benefits of cashless ATM point of banking terminal.

No Merchant Account Needed

Perfect solution for merchants who cannot obtain a merchant account.

Eliminate Chargebacks & Fraud

4-digit pin code required to complete a transaction.

No Batching

This program is a direct push-pay system and transactions are processed in real-time.

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