The increased demand for online medicine sales

The increased demand for medicine in the time of the pandemic has placed a lot of pressure on the ability to supply medicine or pharmaceuticals in a timely fashion. Nationwide shortages in essential pharmacy equipment and medicine have made the ability for patients to access their needed medicine burdensome. COVID 19 and several lockdowns in many states have made the demand for pharmacies to be able to transact online or through e commerce is extremely essential.

Growing Number of Online Pharmacies

The growing number of Online Pharmacies has been astronomical since COVID 19 started and continues into 2022. In order for these Online Pharmacies to be able to supply medicine to end users and patients they have to be able to accept payments through the form of credit cards. This can be done through obtaining an Online Pharmacy Merchant account.

Now many owners of online pharmacy businesses don’t know this, but obtaining a merchant account or credit card processing services for your Online Pharmacy is not that easy. You cannot just call your local bank and get an account set up. Ever since the Opioid Epidemic, and illicit uses of OTC drugs, the online pharmacy industry is actually considered high risk and most banks will not accept their type of business even though they are considered an essential business by the US Government.

Payment processing credit cards for Online Pharmacies

Our company Painless Processing / BR Merchant Service has been successfully processing credit cards for Online Pharmacies and providing them with reliable and secure merchant services for the last 12 years. Our rates are competitive and all services have domestic boarding with FDIC insured banking institutions. Our Team approves and underwrites all of our merchant service agreements in house and can have you up and running under 48 hours. If you call into our customer service we can have you prequalified in 15 minutes and begin the application and boarding process immediately.

Throughout the time of the Pandemic and COVID 19 restrictions and new medications is not the time this industry should be slowed down. If you are the owner of an online pharmacy and would like to get set up with merchant services / credit card processing, or simply want to get more competitive rates than your existing provider. We are happy to evaluate your business and service you for the service you provide your patients.