Obtaining a merchant account for adult products & entertainment services could be quite a task, as adult industry is still considered high-risk. Painless Processing is experienced and well trusted adult merchant account provider as well as adult payment processor for entire adult products, services or online adult entertainment industry.

Adult toys, adult products online and retail, adult entertainment services are one of the most profitable industries that continue to grow in the USA. Its popularity means that people want to be able to purchase adult products or services in the comfort of their own home, but this can become a challenge to adult businesses and merchants.

  • Banks most likely will not work with high-risk industries such as adult products or adult entertainment / services merchants, because of charge-backs and other risk related to adult industry.
  • Average merchant account provider will not accept adult merchants because their sponsor bank would have to allow adult businesses in their underwriting guidelines which is very unusual.
  • Simple solutions such as PayPal, Stripe, Square or any other common payment processor will not work for adult business either, since they doesn’t allow adult businesses merchants at all.

So you will need to find specifically adult merchant account provider that will process your payments. Painless Processing is adult merchant provider that works with all high-risk industries, with proven record.

How do you get an adult merchant account for adult products & entertainment services?

At Painless Processing we really try to make merchant application process…well painless. All we require is a quick and easy Merchant Application to be submitted and you will be notified of your approval very fast.

If you need any help in regards of your adult merchant account application, don’t hesitate to call one of our experts at (877)996-2795!

At Painless Processing, we offer the latest technologies to prevent charge-back and fraud. We want our adult merchants to know we are dedicated in helping your enterprise grow!