Merchant Account for Adult Website is necessity for any online entertainment business. Adult Entertainment and products is one of the most profitable industries that continue to grow in the market.  Its popularity means that people want to purchase these products in the comfort of their own home but this can become a challenge to businesses. Banks will not work with high-risk industries because of potential high amount of charge-backs, however, this can be if not eliminated, reduced by adult website merchants. Owners of any adult online entertainment business should follow a few common steps to avoid or reduce such charge backs for theirs adult website credit card transactions or adult online entertainment card payments.

Despite American society is obviously open-minded to sex, most people are embarrassed when a spouse or significant other catches them ordering adult online services or items. This type of situation can result in the customer denying the purchase and issuing a chargeback.

If the name of an online adult business obviously reflects what the adult merchants provides or sells, an ecommerce part of adult website should adjust the name so it doesn’t draw attention on a customer’s credit card bill. For this to work, online adult merchants need to clearly communicate to customers how information will appear on a bill. An unrecognized name can trigger a chargeback as easily as an obvious name. In other words, if adult merchant bills products under a more disguised name, inform your online entertainment customers about it clearly, state it to your customers via receipts, order confirmations, and emails.

Regardless of how careful you run your adult website, you will need to find a high risk merchant account provider that will process your online entertainment or adult website credit card payments.  Company such as Painless Processing that works with high-risk industries like adult websites, tobacco, cigars, vape products retailers and many more at the lowest rate in financial industry!

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