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Low Risk Payment Processing is Painless Processing

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Businesses are not as easy to run as they once were.  For most, long gone are the days of the simple buy and sell of a cash transaction.  Payments come in a multitude of forms and collecting customer data is at a premium.  With so much responsibility, the last thing owners and managers alike want to deal with are the intricacies of accepting payments for goods and services sold.  Many merchants, especially those of new businesses, usually have the same visceral reaction when they realize payment processing isn’t as convenient as it should be.  This is why many low risk payment processors such as Square and PayPal are able to get away with charging merchants abnormally high rates.  They make it almost a thoughtless process.  However good this perception may be for low risk payment processors like Square and PayPal; the truth is that if you are a low risk merchant and need low risk payment processing then you are much better off going through a company like Painless Processing.  The obvious question is why.

Why am I better off getting my low risk merchant account through Painless Processing than a much bigger company the likes of Square or PayPal?

Personalized Service

Every Painless Processing merchant is assigned a dedicated merchant services expert from the point of initial contact. This merchant services expert is your go-to for questions, advice, and to make your entire experience painless. You can have them fill out your application so that all you have to do is sign it. Maybe you want to discuss other low risk payment processing services with them. Asking questions is never an issue as your dedicated merchant services expert will answer or explain anything you need in detail. You are not alone with your merchant service expert. Backing them are teams of U.S.-based low risk merchant account experts that handle specific areas such as application processing, administrative, underwriting, integration, troubleshooting, customer service, and more. Every single one of them is hands-on, ready and willing to help. This level of service is simply unparalleled.


When we say cost we mean savings beyond rates and transaction fees. We are able to evaluate individual businesses on a more intimate level to determine how and where we can provide the most cost savings on low risk merchant accounts and this requires a personal touch. Sure you will save more on rates and fees with a low risk merchant account through Painless Processing, but this also means that sometimes savings isn’t necessarily in the rates and fees. Sometimes a low risk merchant account needs more and we aren’t talking about our PCI and DSS compliance features, our state-of-the-art fraud protection, or our chargeback prevention programs. Costs associated with equipment, both hardware and software, are high. We have the ability to provide the equipment low risk merchants need to process payment transactions ranging from terminals to POS Systems and more with heavily-reduced or completely eliminated costs.

We’re Painless

Our low risk merchant application and documentation requirements are no different than any other low risk payment processor. You may not be able to process payments instantly but low risk merchants are approved the same business day or next business day, within 24-hours. Depending on the equipment you need to process we can have you accepting payments in as little as 24 to 48 hours. For most merchants, this is faster than they actually need to begin processing payment transactions. Many times we find there are other payment processing services such as e=check processing or ACH that are more favorable to a business. And if you needed more, every single Painless Processing merchant account holder is pre-approved for Painless Business Funding giving our merchants almost immediate access to additional capital if they need it.

Accept More, Earn More… Quickly, Easily, Painlessly!

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