As a private investigator, it is important that you are able to provide secure and convenient payment options to your clients. The option you choose must also provide you with the accuracy, efficiency and in depth reporting you need and expect. Although your business is considered a high risk merchant account, there are several payment processing options available to you.


Credit Card Terminal

Rarely anymore do you see people reach for cash when making a purchase. Instead, they have turned to credit or debit cards for both convenience and better record keeping. This is why it is important that your clients have this same option when doing business with you. With an encrypted credit card swiping terminal you can make customer payments quick, accurate and hassle free.


Best of all, with up to 8 hours of battery life, you can take this terminal with you wherever you go. This way, you can meet with your client at a secure location away from your place of business, to reassure them that their anonymity will not be sacrificed. By using a credit card terminal you can have access to data syncing and real-time reporting. With reports, ease of use and accuracy, credit card terminals are a great option for both you and the client.



ACH transactions are processed from one bank to another making it a safe, seamless and reliable payment option. This is an excellent option for one time payments as well as recurring billing. In your line of business, you may find this to be especially handy since investigative work doesn’t typically end in one day.


Unlike many other forms of payment, ACH practically eliminates the risk of fraud. Additionally, the fees associated with ACH transactions are, on average, less than that of a typical merchant account. Because transactions are processed through the bank, your record keeping is done for you. ACH is also a convenient and time efficient option for your clients.


Check 21

If you prefer to avoid the hassle of using ACH and its restrictions, then Check 21 is a great alternative. With this option, you can deposit checks without ever stepping a foot into your bank. Simply scan the checks and send the images to your bank electronically. This not only saves fuel dollars, but also time.


Because of Check 21’s shortened charge-back periods, the risk of fraud is greatly reduced. Additionally, for your benefit, there is also an extended window for making deposits, lengthening your time to an additional four hours. With Check 21 your customers will have a simple way to pay, and you can enjoy efficient and expedient cash flow management.



This payment option is likely one of the simplest of all, especially for the consumer. Not only is it easy for them to do, it can be done from anywhere. Check-by-phone is also an excellent alternative for merchants who are unable to get approved for Check 21 and ACH processing.


With check-by-phone, the client provides all information to the merchant, as listed exactly on their check. This information is then entered by the merchant into a secure online payment server. In real-time, you can then view and monitor the payment and its status, with the deposit normally hitting your bank within 24 hours. For both you and the client, check-by-phone is seamless, fast and secure.


Knowing that your transactions are being handled efficiently and effectively will allow you to better focus on your clients. No matter which of these payment options you choose for your business, Painless Processing has the tools and the staff available to meet your needs.


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