If you’re in the Adult industry you may have a difficult time finding a merchant account that you’ll be able to accept payment through without having to pay a very high fee or worse not be accepted at all. This is an issue that may be seen around for years to come, with no real solution in sight other than being charged these astronomical fees in order to stay in business.


The Adult industry is said to be considered a high risk one and may pose a higher risk for fraud or chargebacks to occur because of the fact that it’s difficult to prove the identity of the individual making the purchase. Also because of the legal aspect(age verification) when dealing with adult industries, merchants see these companies as high risk and in many cases won’t accept you.


Companies such as Paypal, Google, and Square do not accept adult industry businesses or individuals that work in the industry at all. They have put a ban on anything pertaining to sex. This change means that a lot of people in the industry will have to find other companies to be able to accept payment through their sites.

Many adult business owners and individuals who work in the adult industry have been affected by the changes made by Paypal and these other companies. Some individuals have been banned from ever being accepted by these merchants, even if they get out of the industry.


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