It’s hard to imagine a business today not being able to offer credit card processing. But that’s a dilemma for businesses in the adult industry – businesses that banks and financial institutions avoid.

Why? Because the adult industry is considered high-risk for a variety of reasons, including that they are at risk for chargebacks and fraud, are subject to regulation or government scrutiny, and have a reputation that mainstream institutions don’t want to be associated with.


And that’s why it’s of utmost importance that businesses in the adult industry not only find a merchant service provider – like Painless Processing – that handles high-risk accounts, but also understands the business and can provide the best credit card processing solution. Considering that many third-party providers such as Paypal don’t take adult industry websites, a merchant provider like Painless Processing is the only option.


Moreover, Painless Processing provides merchant accounts products and services for all of these adult niches (and many more):


*Escort Merchant Accounts
*Dating Merchant Accounts
*Porn Merchant Accounts


However, Painless Processing will not provide products and services to the following niches:


*Child Pornography
*Human Trafficking


Many adult merchants have member- or subscription-based business models that require ‘continuity’ billing – also known as recurring bills and rebills – and this type of credit card processing is considered high-risk in terms of obtaining a business merchant account. Their account also has to be set up to protect against ‘chargebacks’, in which a customer disputes a credit card transaction, and fraud.


Processing payments is made easy by Painless Processing’s multiple options:

Check 21 Processing

One of the key features of Check 21 Processing is the ability to scan paper checks and have the images sent as an electronic transmission.

ACH Processing

ACH transactions draws directly from a customer’s checking accounts. This opens up business to customers who don’t have credit cards, or can’t use them because of credit limits.

Check-By-Phone, Fax and Internet

Check-by-Phone is a real-time process that deposits checks into a merchant’s bank account within 24 hours. This is a great alternative for merchants that can’t get a merchant account for whatever reason.

POS System

Point of Sale Systems users include grocery stores, clothing and retail stores, beauty salons, gyms and restaurants, as well as high-risk industries. Many supermarkets are beginning to replace checkout clerks with POS Systems.

Credit Card Terminals

The benefits of having a credit card terminal are many, not the least of which is that they include lower transaction fees. Who walks around with cash these days, anyway?


Again, finding the right company to partner with is vital when it comes to a high risk credit card processor, and things you need to consider include:


*A BBB rating, which represents accreditation by the Better Business Bureau. Painless Processing has a BBB+ rating.


*Great customer service. Painless Processing prides itself on being available to clients when the clients need them most, and that’s why it offers a 24-hour support staff.


*Offering multiple ervices. Painless Processing is a leader in servicing high risk industries, but also knows how to handle low risk ventures.


*Quick turnaround times. Painless Processing does its underwriting in-house, which greatly increases the speed of the application process.


In short, the adult services industry is unique with its own challenges – as well as offering the potential to make a lot of money. Painless Processing understands the industry better than anyone while providing profitable solutions.


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