When you are in the business of selling firearms, finding a way to process payments online or at gun shows may prove to be difficult. This is especially true now that many popular merchant account providers such as PayPal, Square, and Google Wallet no longer accept firearm transactions.


Fortunately, there are high-risk providers that will gladly set up a gun merchant account for your business, and will handle all of your transaction needs.


We help people who sell ammo, knives and firearms in general. Maybe you sell specialized weapons like machine guns or other equipment to licensed individuals or government / police agencies.


Credit Card Processing


Carrying cash is a rarity it today’s world, so having a secured credit card terminal available for transactions is crucial for your business. This enables the customer to make a purchase quickly and without the hassle of check writing or running to the ATM.


POS Systems


If you’re looking for an all-in-one system, then a point of sale system may be exactly what you need. From checks, cash, to credit cards these systems handle it all. They also leave less room for human error. They provide accuracy, efficiency, and reporting to help you keep better track of your transactions.


ACH Processing


For those customers who do not have credit cards, it is important to provide a system which allows them to make purchases. This is where ACH processing comes in. This system enables the customer to make a purchase directly from their bank account without the need of a credit card. To further benefit your company, ACH processing fees are lower than they are for credit card transactions.


Check 21 Processing


If you want to avoid ACH processes, then Check 21 may be a great option for you. With the convenience of processing paper checks electronically, Check 21 makes the process more efficient, cost effective, and simple. Along with electronic check cashing, this system provides reduced restrictions, shortened chargeback periods, wider deposit windows, and expedited cash flow management.


Checks by Phone


Providing several payment options for customers is key when running a business. With Check Xpress your company can accept checks by fax, over the phone, or through the internet, all through a secured server. This automated system makes payment transactions simple without having to mail a physical check, pay postal fees, and also avoids the risk of losing checks. This option opens the door for customers to make purchases, who may have no other form of payment available to them.


Point of Banking


To gain sales, it is important to make all financial transactions seamless. One event that should be avoided, is having your customers leave to find an ATM. With a point of banking system, customers can easily swipe their card, just as they would an ATM, but instead of receiving a cash withdrawal, they receive a printed voucher. This voucher can then be used for their purchase. Additionally, it lessens the risk of fraudulent activity and chargebacks.


Being a high-risk merchant shouldn’t prevent you from operating a successful business. With a high-risk, gun merchant account from Painless Processing, you can have all of your transaction needs met.

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