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There are so many varying circumstances that determine the level of risk associated with a merchant. However, the majority of merchants that find themselves in need of a high risk merchant account are because of the type of business they own, the manner in which they run their business, or laws and regulations pertaining to their business.

If you do not have a brick and mortar retail location and take card payments where both the card and card holder are not present and you cannot confirm identification and get a signature is considered high risk. This pretty much dumps all e-commerce businesses as well as any business taking card payments over the phone or through the mail into this category. Likewise, if you manually key-in credit card transactions this also considered high risk. Businesses selling products or services that require age verification or sell anything not suitable for minors are high risk. Taking payment in advance, have recurring payments whether it be a subscription or a membership, or businesses that have trials are all high risk.

What Makes You a High Risk Merchant?

Merchants themselves can be high risk.  You will most likely fall into the high risk merchant category if you have below average credit or poor credit history.  If you request a high dollar monthly processing limit but you don’t have the financial documentation to back it; this can be high risk.  Simply being a new business without any merchant account processing history can make you a high risk merchant.  Then there is the infamous risk of fraud or chargebacks.  If you or the business you’re in have any kind of historic relations to susceptibility for fraudulent transactions or chargebacks; you are most likely going to be a high risk merchant.

These are not all of the circumstances that identify risk and some of these risk factors don’t entitle you to a permanent high risk merchant account designation.  For many merchants it can be as simple as running clean for a period of six consecutive months that will give you some kind of leverage to improve your position with your high risk merchant account provider.  Running clean is processing your card payment transactions without any chargebacks or fraud.  It shows the high risk merchant account provider that you are hands-on managing your business and the probability of something like a chargeback or fraud is less likely to happen.

Choosing the Right High Risk Merchant Account Provider

So many people search to find who provides the best high risk merchant accounts and that isn’t necessarily the best way to go about finding your high risk merchant account provider. However, we at Painless Processing believe we are the best for high risk merchant accounts, if not at the least one of the best, because we wouldn’t be around for the last decade if we weren’t. If you read through our merchant accounts page we touched upon the reasons why a high risk merchant account through Painless Processing makes the most sense. To reiterate, we are the subsidiary of a registered ISO. This means that you, your information, and your business are treated with the safety and security standards we are required by our backing bank and Visa and MasterCard for low risk merchants. You get a dedicated merchant services expert assigned to you from the time you contact us. They are backed by several U.S. Based teams including administrative, application processing & boarding, in-house underwriting, integration, technical support, and customer service to name a few. And, all Painless Processing high risk merchant account holders are pre-approved for Painless Business Funding should they need fast access to a quick cash infusion of capital.

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