High Risk Industry Payment Processing & Merchant Account Service

Why should I choose Painless Processing as my high risk merchant account provider?

Finding the right high risk merchant account provider to meet the long-term needs of your business can be difficult. You need to partner with a merchant service provider that has a clear understanding of the intricacies associated with your business and billing model as well as the challenges you face as a high risk merchant. Painless Processing does just that. Our staff is an eclectic mix of high risk payment processing experts that specialize in providing merchant services to people, industries, products, and services known for being high risk. Our mission is to build lifetime relationships with every high risk merchant by providing payment processing solutions that add value to their business. In order to meet the goals associated with our mission for high risk merchants; we have aligned ourselves with an extensive network of financial institutions, payment processing industry service providers, and payment hardware suppliers in order to meet the varying needs of these high risk businesses and billing models. Painless Processing is unceasingly diligent in its passionate pursuit to provide merchant services to high risk merchants and will do anything within our power to meet the needs of our merchants.

What could make them considered me a high risk merchant?

There are an endless number of factors that can elevate the risk or liability associated with the merchant account you are trying to get. The general consensus of a low risk merchant is typically viewed as a retail business with a brick and mortar location whereby all credit card or debit card transactions are:

  • Face-to-face so that the card is swiped through a terminal.
  • Card holder identification is verified.
  • A signature is captured and matched to the signature on the back of the card being used to make the purchase.

From that retail perspective, risk usually rises when too many card transactions are manually keyed-in or if the card is not present such is the case with e-commerce merchants or mail order/telephone order (moto) merchants. Aside from this there are numerous factors that can elevate you into that high risk merchant category. Some of the most common factors are:

  • The type of products and services sold. For example, adult or pornography related products and services, e-cigs, vaporizers, e-liquids, tobacco, collections, timeshares, membership clubs, supplements, anti-aging products, luxury goods, cosmetics or vanity products, consulting services, dating sites, guns, ammo, and many more.
  • Products or services that require age verification.
  • Products or services subject to regulation or legislation by a governing body.
  • Products or services that fall into a grey area of legality.
  • Products or services that require registration by the major card brands (Visa or MasterCard).
  • Applicants with weak credit rating or financial position.
  • Applicants that have been blacklisting (TMF or MATCH).
  • Billing models such as advanced billing or recurring billing (particularly those that bill more than 30 days in advance), trial-based offers (particularly those that are free or risk free)
  • High monthly dollar volumes or large individual monetary transactions.
  • Not being PCI compliant can all place you into that high risk merchant classification.

Who determines if I am a high risk merchant?

Visa and MasterCard are responsible for the creation and enforcement of the rules and regulations regarding merchant accounts, but financial institutions individually determine what they consider risk as well as to what degree of high risk merchant they are willing to accept. However, most institutions unanimously agree when labeling an industry, product, or service as high risk which in-turn limits the options available when choosing a high risk merchant account provider. As you’ve already learned, merchant accounts can be designated as high risk for several different reasons. Sometimes the reasons can be as varied as the businesses themselves. And, because acquiring banks have the flexibility to determine the level of risk associated with a merchant account; something that was low-risk yesterday can be high-risk today making it difficult to obtain or maintain any type of payment processing solution be it a merchant account, check processing, ACH processing, or any other merchant service – it’s that simple.

Whatever the reason, if you need a high risk merchant account Painless Processing can help.

If you are considered high risk for any reason you will need to apply for a high risk merchant account and Painless Processing can help. We have the network and the knowledge to meet the needs of your business. Our staff is dedicated to helping you get a long term payment processing solution with the quick and courteous service merchants have come to expect along with some of the most competitive rate structures available in the market. Connect with one of our payment processing experts to discuss your options and have your questions answered. We’ll prepare a quote and walk you through the entire application process. Contact us today and find out how we make high risk payment processing so easy… it’s painless!

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