CBD Merchant Accounts from Domestic Banks

The Cannabis industry is considered one of the fastest-growing businesses in 2019-2020 ever since the passage of the Hemp Farm Bill, making it federally legal to sell hemp products within the United States. Even though Cannabis and Hemp Merchants are among the fastest-growing businesses and no longer considered a grey area, they still have one of the most difficult times getting credit card processing or merchant services for CBD.

Most of all solutions are from offshore providers or from merchant service brokers who are masking industries for approvals, or from consolidated/aggregated solutions. It has been nearly impossible to obtain a CBD Merchant account from a domestic bank that doesn’t offer major restrictions on sellable products, charge a ridiculous rate, or come with big reserves or major fine print.

We proudly service Hemp businesses listed below :
  • Brick and mortar CBD stores and care centers
  • Smoke / Vape shops that sell CBD in their stores
  • E-Commerce and online CBD shops

  • CBD Oil Merchants / Shops
  • CBD | Hemp Distributors and Online wholesalers
  • Hemp Farmers / Growers

  • CBD Extractors and Bulk resellers
  • CBD white labelers & co-packers

  • CBD bars / lounges / vape shops

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For CBD Online Business

Painless Processing is proud to announce an exclusive offering for domestic CBD Merchants and re-sellers in the Hemp or CBD Trade who are looking to accept payments with Credit Cards with reliable, competitively priced, no restrictions merchant service.

Can you sell CBD on Shopify?

With our E-commerce friendly payment gateways, you can now sell CBD on Shopify or using Woocommerce or Magento shopping carts. Our payment gateway could be very easily configured with your Shopify online store or any other shopping cart system.

Painless payment processing for CBD merchants uses a domestic solution, trusted and with great experience within the cannabis space and the customer support to back it up. No misleading to customers with overseas “virtual” office locations and notifications, required by all offshore types of high-risk payment processors.

The Cannabis market is booming!

We are knowledgeable Hemp and CBD industry payment processing experts.

No Reserves

We won’t hold your hard-earned money.

No Volume Caps

Process as much as you need, uninterrupted.

Lowest Rates in the Industry


Payment Processing for CBD Business

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Accounts for Start-Ups and New Hemp Businesses

Selecting a merchant acc. provider is far more complicated than most new business owners expect. It’s getting even harder to find a decent one for high-risk merchants. How much should you be paying in transaction fees? Should you use the CBD reader app or lease / buy POS equipment? These are very important questions and our account specialist gladly will answer all, before signing you up.

If your start-up CBD business is Shopify or any e-commerce website based it is extremely important for you to obtain a high-risk merchant account, simply to be able to accept payments for your merchandise or services. Now, the application process and getting approved for a start-up business can be challenging because you do not have any credit card processing history, may not have the best financials or possibly don’t have an excellent credit score.

CBD Merchant Account Services

How to get merchant account for Hemp and CBD Related Business?

We do everything we can to make the application process simple, easy, and painless. But if our online merchant account application will still raise too many questions, your dedicated high-risk merchant services expert will walk you through the entire process. Just call us at 877-996-2795.

Some businesses or merchants have regulations and risks that are specific to cannabis and CBD industry, but ALL high-risk merchant applications need the following supporting documents, so you can collect them ahead:

  • Articles of Organization
  • Voided Check or Bank Verification Letter – Cannot be temp checks. Checks must have account # and routing # corresponding to what is provided on the application.  Verification letters must be on bank letter head, have the account and routing number, and be signed by a bank representative.
  • Owners Driver’s License or Identification – This must be legible and be the owner(s) listed on the application. The owner(s) must also sign the application.
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We have experienced Hemp and CBD industry credit card payment experts available to help at any time. We have a full understanding of the Cannabis industry and comprehensive knowledge of merchant services options available to business owners in this field.

Below are some of the key points / highlights of our program:
  • 48 Hour approvals
  • No Reserve for Qualifying accounts
  • No volume Minimums (Start-ups welcome)

  • Domestic Processing Solution
  • No Delayed settlements (Next Business Day funding)
  • Extremely competitive Rates (see if you qualify for our Platinum Pricing)

  • E-Commerce Friendly
  • CBD credit card processing (Accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover Credit & Debit cards)
  • Fully Customizable Accounts

  • No product restriction (sell flower, edibles, vape-ables, oral tinctures, as well as topical / cosmetic products)

  • In House Underwriting for fast and friendly service.

CBD Merchant Application Process

With a revolutionary and comprehensive solution like this for CBD merchant accounts your next question might be well how I get start and what do I have to do to get approved….. and the answer is very simple. As you can see this is an easy fair and painless solution to get a domestic merchant account for your CBD business, make sure to call us and get started today.

Experienced Payment Processor You Can Trust

CBD credit card processing for established or start-up Hemp related businesses is still evolving. The federal laws for high-risk merchants are changing almost every day. Most major banks are known to always deny services to cannabis & CBD merchants, however, more and more domestic banks start to support CBD vendors recently, but not to provide CBD credit card processing.

Painless Processing is your one-stop source for all of your payment processing needs. We can have your new business approved quickly if you have a website or e-commerce business that requires a high-risk merchant service. We also offer other payment solutions like ACH Processing and Check 21 electronic check payments.

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