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Firearm merchants selling hand guns, shotguns, hunting rifles, assault rifles, ammunition, accessories, gun parts or any type of concealed weapons are considered high risk merchants and need a merchant service provider that understands the complications of payment processing within the firearms industry. One of the biggest misconceptions is that firearms simply cannot be sold online and this is not true. Although it is easier for firearm merchants that have retail space to sell online; as long as you have a Federal Firearms License (FFL) and follow the correct protocol of sale including proper background checks, you should be able to get an e-commerce firearm merchant account as long as you provide the correct documentation to your merchant service provider. So what do firearm merchants need to provide in a merchant application package? Initially they should provide:


A complete and signed application


Current business bank statements


SS4 Form (Tax ID)


Current merchant processing statements (if applicable)


Identification of signer(s)


Void Check or bank verification letter


Articles of Organization


Copy of Federal Firearms License (FFL)


Painless Processing provides high-risk merchant accounts to firearm merchants. We have thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations set forth by the card brands for this type of high risk merchant account. And, there are multiple merchant services available to firearm merchants.


Want to make sure we aren’t just using you for target practice?

Contact us now to find out which payment processing options are the most cost effective for your business. With full disclosure and the most competitive rates in the industry; learn how getting a firearm merchant account from Painless Processing can get cocked, locked, and loaded full of profits!

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