Firearms Dealers and Gun Shops with it’s highly federal regulated merchandise most definitely needs a dependable and secure way of processing its payments and transactions. The merchants who sell guns online or at gun shows are facing an issue which is that many (most of) payment processing providers are now refusing to process any firearm transactions. The companies like, PayPal, Square, First Data and many more. Painless Processing- offers secure and reliable firearms payment processing processing as well as Firearm & Gun Shop Merchant Account Service. Painless Processing offers firearms e-commerce payment solutions with a high limits to process high volume transactions.

How do you get a merchant account for your gun shop or firearm business? All you need to do is apply! Painless Processing offers a high risk merchant accounts for Firearms Dealers & Gun Shops.

An important side note when shopping around for the gun shop merchant account service, make sure that you are applying to an “high risk” payment processing provider who supports firearms payment transactions (like Painless Processing). Ask questions before applying, talk to the salesperson who knows regulations and what they restrict on. What do you need in your application? Usually you will require a copy of your driver license, voided business check, previous credit card statements and a firearms dealer license (Call us for details at 877-996-2795).

This of course depends on the Processor you are submitting your applications too. With Painless Processing your application will be reviewed quickly in a matter of a day or two (if applicable). The approval notification will come with your merchant ID if you are a retail gun dealer. If you sell online only, the terms can have minor differences but no worries – here at Painless Processing we’re dealing with high risk firearms & gun shop merchant accounts all the time – and will gladly help you along the way!

Get your Gun Shop Merchant Account Approved!

Here at Painless Processing we want our customers to not worry about the risk factors and issues that can affect your enterprise. We are all up-to-date with laws and security for you benefit! Call us today at (877) 996-2795 and get approved or Click To Apply Online!