Merchant Services FAQ’s

I don’t see my business listed on your website. Do you accept my type of business?

Painless Processing caters to a vast number of products, services, business types, and industries. In all honesty, it’s far too wide a range to list on one website. With that said, we more-than-likely have the perfect processing solution to meet your needs.  Speak with our team of knowledgeable, experienced merchant service experts and they will provide you with the advice you need to put you on the correct path to payment processing for your business.

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How long does the approval process take?

Our team can get you approved within hours depending on when you return the signed application and supporting documents required to complete the underwriting process.

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If I am listed on TMF or MATCH can I still get a merchant account?

You may still be able to get a merchant account; however, your qualification for merchant services is dependent on the reason for your listing.  In order to see which payment processing services you qualify for you will need to discuss you reason for being listed with a Painless agent.

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Do you have customer service or technical support to aid me in times of need?

Yes, once approved for a merchant account you will have 24-hour customer service and technical support to assist you with any and all aspects of your merchant account and gateway. This includes installation, integration, and any other situations that may arise throughout the lifetime of your merchant account.

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What if I need multiple accounts. Can you accommodate me?

Absolutely! It’s commonplace for businesses to open additional merchant accounts for new divisions, locations, ventures, or websites. Our team facilitates these evolving needs by making it a very quick process to get additional accounts while keeping your legwork to a minimum.

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How much money can I save by switching to Painless Processing?

Managing your payment processing rates & fees is one the easiest way to reduce expenses and keep more of your hard-earned profits. The only way to find out how much you can save by switching to Painless Processing is to… contact us today.

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When should I expect to hear from a Painless Processing expert once I submit a contact form?

Once you submit a contact form you should hear from an expert within one business day or sooner. If you do not hear from an expert within one business day or need immediate assistance; we ask that you please call us.

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How complicated is the application process?

We do everything we can to make the application as simple and painless as possible. You will have a payment processing expert assigned to your account and they will walk you through the entire process. They will complete the application for you over the phone, outline every document you need to include in your application package, and answer any question you have. Our experts will work diligently to meet any payment processing deadlines you might have.

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I am using a specific shopping cart for my e-commerce business. Do you have compatible gateways that will integrate with my shopping cart?

Of course we do! At Painless Processing it is our job to get you processing and recognize that without a full integration you are not processing. We partner with several gateway providers so we can utilize the right one to integrate seamlessly and effectively. Speak with one of our integration experts and they will help you understand how we go about choosing the perfect gateway. They can even help you integrate with QuickBooks or your accounting software.

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If I went through bankruptcy is it still possible to get a merchant account?

Painless Processing can still get merchants who went through bankruptcy approved. The key is we need to be aware of it from the beginning and be given the details so we can take the necessary measures to obtain your processing solution.

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Do I need to be PCI Compliant or can you help me with this?

It is in the best interest of all e-commerce merchants to be PCI compliant. Our solutions are PCI compliant and we will assist any merchant in need of help making their site PCI compliant.

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Once I’m approved how difficult is it to start processing?

It’s so easy… it’s Painless.  Our team of experts will perform or assist with installation, integration, or any walk-throughs necessary to ensure you are comfortable with the software and hardware associated with your payment processing. We take the extra step to make sure everything is working perfectly and are available anytime thereafter to provide assistance.

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My business does very high volume. Can you accept my business?

Yes, of course. Whether it’s high monthly dollar volume or high transaction volume; we have solutions that won’t limit your ability to sell. It also gives us the greatest flexibility to save you a significant amount of money on your processing rates & fees.

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My business was declined or shut down by another processor. Can you help me?

Yes we can! We’ve gone out of our way to ensure we will accept a wide variety of businesses and our staff of in-house underwriters is well-versed in handling various industries, products, services, business models, and billing models.

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My business is brand new. Will you accept me?

Sure we will! Previous processing history is not required in order for us to provide payment processing services. We believe in entrepreneurs and supporting start-up businesses. Our team will not discriminate but we will evaluate and approve start-up businesses accordingly.

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I know someone like me that can use your services. How do I send them to you for the same great service?

All we need from you is a name, phone number, e-mail address, and ask that you put in a good word or at the very least let them know to expect us to contact them in the near future. We also have great opportunities to partner with us and form mutually beneficial relationships for bringing business to us. Click on the Partner With Us tab to learn more about these partnership options.

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