Electronic Check Processing

The fastest, most secure and cost effective form of payment processing available.

Electronic Check Processing – Mobile, Cost-Effective Check Payments 

Electronic check processing is efficient, affordable, and secure. Painless Processing offers advanced e-check merchant services, including Check 21 and Check by Phone. Our low rates and rapid approval periods enhance accounting functions, reducing the time spent depositing checks and managing the funds manually.


We are skilled in assisting merchant businesses of various sizes and platforms, from mom and pop stores to e-commerce ventures. Our experience spans across nearly every industry, including those considered high risk or on TMF and MATCH lists. We provide reliable merchant e-check processing and excellent customer services to help our clients be more profitable.


Cut Costs and Protect Profits with E-Check Processing

Electronically processing checks is highly advantageous for merchants, and it makes no difference whether these checks are physical or digital. Although most merchants accept credit and debit cards, many customers still pay with checks and money orders. Consider the following benefits of e-check payment services with Painless Processing:


Secure Payments – E-check processing is the fastest and safest way to accept funds for transactions. The money is transferred through the same system as direct deposits, which minimizes fraud. Additionally, we provide a screening system to prevent non-sufficient fund (NSF) transactions.


Lower-Cost Processing – Per transaction, e-checks have lowest rates of all payment methods. When customers pay with checks, they are less likely to make errors in what they owe, reducing the time and resources spent in correcting erroneous transactions.


Streamline Operations – Owners enhance their business by implementing e-check processing by eliminating trips to the bank, and can go paperless. E-check funds are approved four times faster than bank deposits and credit/debit card charges. Sales upwards of $2500 are cleared efficiently and with minimal cost to the merchant. Painless Processing also makes it easy to set up automatic billing for recurring charges.


Open New Profit Avenues – E-checks are accepted globally, allowing merchants to broaden their audience and access new customers nationally or worldwide.


Check 21 – Scan and Deposit Checks Online

Painless Processing offers merchants the ability to digitize their check processing completely. Check 21 services revolutionize the process of accepting check deposits, making funds accessible in a shorter timeframe. Merchants can scan their paper checks, watch as the funds are transmitted and cleared, and feel at ease knowing the checks are verified. With Check 21, our clients have until eight PM to deposit checks and reduce the time and financial costs of accepting paper ones.


Painless Processing offers Check 21 for high-risk industries, protecting them from fraud, NCF transactions, and helping them operate when listed on TMF or MATCH records.


Check By Phone – Phone, Fax, & Website Check Processing

Our merchants can utilize this service to accept checks via phone call, fax, or their website. The transactions are recorded and tracked in our secure payment gateway that updates in real time, allowing our merchants to keep watch on their finances. Funds are accepted, endorsed, and deposited within 24-hours, making cash flow reliable and predictable. All transaction records can be accessed at any time through our database.


This system is approved for 99.9 percent of our customers, making it an accessible solution for high-risk industry businesses, TMF and Match listed merchants, and those with poor credit or a history of bankruptcy.


Automated and user-friendly, our system provides all relevant information on fund transfers, eliminating the need for filling out deposit slips, copying checks, making trips to the bank, or manually reconciling checkbooks. Check by Phone simplifies check and e-check acceptance to help business owners run their enterprise more effectively.


Painless E-check Processing – Apply or Speak to an Agent

To get Check 21 or Check by Phone for your business, use our online form. If you have questions about our e-check payment processing, feel free to contact our team.

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There are many benefits to electronic check processing.

Increase Sales

Many customers still prefer to pay using checks or money orders.

Reduce Costs

Electronic check processing carries the lowest cost per transaction of all payment processing options.

Clear Funds Faster

Clears up to 4 times faster than a traditional bank deposit.

Save Time & Less Hassle

Eliminate trips to the bank and go paperless.


Process More

Process large ticket sales of $2500+ more efficiently and cost effectively.

Work Less

Eliminate unnecessary, tedious tasks from your accounting staff responsibilities.

Schedule Payments

Easily set-up recurring intervals to automatically bill customers.


Reduce Employee Error & Fraud

Limits employee interaction and verifies consumer check payment history to reduce NSF’s.

Options to fit your business.

Two great solutions to choose from.

Check 21

Check21 gives merchants the ability to scan paper checks and have the images recorded, transmitted, deposited, and cleared electronically. This makes the need to manually deposit paper checks obsolete. Merchants will cut costs, save time, and streamline operations with Check21 making it a necessity for any business; including high risk merchant categories, that receive paper checks on a regular basis. Just a few of the benefits to Check21 are:

  • Check verification greatly reduces NSF fees, fraud, and potential for chargebacks.
  • A faster and more efficient process that greatly improves cashflow.
  • Save time by eliminating responsibilities necessary for depositing paper checks.
  • Extended 4-hour window to deposit checks greatly reduces stress to beat deadlines.
  • Lowest rates & fees of any payment processing service.

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Check by Phone

Merchants use Check by Phone to accept checks over the phone, fax, or on a website. All transactions are conducted through a secure payment gateway. This is a real-time system that accepts, endorses, and deposits approved transactions directly into the merchant’s bank account within 24 hours. It is the perfect payment processing solution for merchants that cannot get approved for other merchant services.

  • 99.9% approval makes it a great solution for high-risk industries, TMF or MATCH listed merchants, poor credit, or history of bankruptcy.
  • Save time, money, and resources by eliminating filling out deposit slips, copying checks, trips to the bank, and reconciling check books.
  • It’s simple and automated. Simply enter customer payment information through the secure gateway and track deposits right to the bank.
  • Reduce return item and posting error by quick and accurate debit of customer’s account without ever handling paper checks.
  • Store all processed checks in a secure database and access them at any time.

Electronic check processing is an easy, convenient, and cost effective way to collect payments from your customers. Painless Processing offers these great solutions to a wide variety of industries including merchants within high risk categories. Our merchants get the lowest fees, experience the fastest approval times, and their transactions are run through the largest negative check database to assure safe and secure settlements.

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processing offers your business in greater detail.

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