Credit Repair & Debt Consolidation

Repair and consolidate your outrageous merchant service costs.

Credit Repair & Debt Consolidation Payment Processing


The best payment solutions when dealing with those that don’t pay.

Save on Fees

We help minimize costs.

Bundled Services

Services packaged to meet your needs.


Secure Transactions

Minimize potential for ID & payment fraud.

Painless Processing has a clear understanding of credit repair business models and how they need to operate in order to get the payment processing solutions that best fit their business. Expert payment processing agents that are well-versed in the credit repair industry are readily available to explain, inform, and answer every question. In the same way credit repair businesses show clients how they will repair and improve credit; Painless Processing will show you how they make your credit repair business better.

Painless Processing will walk you through the steps to improve your merchant services and put you on the fast track to payment processing.

Want to know how we put you in a better position to accept payments?

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