Some people would think that you could just go to a third party partner like Paypal, Google Wallet, or Square. Unfortunately though what many people don’t realize about this type of a third party processor is that they make their own rules. “Adult services” are not allowed; for escorts who use these services regularly they could be shut down or  otherwise put at risk. The bottom line is that even if you go through one of these providers as an escort you run the risk of not being paid when someone makes a claim against you.


Merchant Providers:

There are many merchant providers out there. Most won’t accept escort merchant accounts like Painless does. The big names won’t consider the industry under moral / legal grey area liabilities, but there are banks willing to help and thats where Painless comes in.


Painless Processing:


The best option for an escort with a high risk business is to go with a high risk merchant account from Painless Processing. Painless is a merchant services processor who deals with credit card processing, ACH processing, Check 21 processing and just about every other avenue of getting the monies you have coming your way. Moreover the Painless Processing ideal is to due to their lower fees and experience getting your account approved and activated. This means that you keep more of your hard earned money.


Getting an escort merchant account is not easy. Why bother with all of the risk and all of the headache which goes along with any of the other types of credit card processing when you can partner with a company who understands what it takes to approve your business? Painless Processing truly lives up to it’s name when it comes to escorts and adult services in the modern day. If you have tired of the hoops you have to jump through with other providers, you should call us, Painless! 



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