Business Funding and Merchant Cash Advances never been easier to get! Introducing PainlessProcessing Business Funding Service.
Evidence from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Business Employment Dynamics (BED) report, show that 44% of businesses fail for many reasons, whether it be poor leadership, flawed plans, or lack of business fundings to make necessary changes to fix or improve a company. Businesses need to have the capital to react to changes, customers’ needs, and maximize their growth potential. Those that don’t have access to liquid assets likely won’t be in business much longer.

Everyday we are drowning in television and internet advertises that promise safe and flexible funding options but it’s usually not as easy or promising as it seems to be.
Revised banking regulations make it difficult for some merchants, specifically newer, e-commerce, and high-risk businesses, to secure the merchant cash advance from traditional lending institutions. Strict credit requirements, extensive review of tax forms and bank statements, and complicated contracts make it difficult for smaller or high-risk merchants to obtain business funding from banks.

When businesses can’t get Bank loans, they need apply for business funding via a high-risk merchant account provider, like Painless Processing, who know well the High Risk industry. Regardless of a merchant’s credit or business type, our company offers business funding options and merchant cash advances to all businesses that need funds. We are willing to take the chance and work with all sorts of businesses of all sizes as well as high-risk industry merchants to provide them with business funding, personalized payment solutions, and of curse, all merchant services.

A typical business loan is not the same thing as our business funding. Whether a business is succeeding or not, merchants that take out business loans often are charged a high-interest rates, must sign over collateral, and make monthly payments. If businesses fail, they still must repay loans even after their businesses have shut down. Painless Processing Business funding works much differently. It doesn’t require collateral and interest rates that are in line with industry standards. The way the funds are paid back also differs from a loan. With business funding, a small percentage of a business’ credit card sales is taken each day to pay back the money. Merchant account providers offer business funding options because they are good for their businesses. Business funding is considered an investment or a way for merchant account providers to buy in to businesses’ future sales. The future sales are purchased based on a business’ total bank statement monthly deposits. Merchant account providers take their percentages until the funds are refunded 100%.

As for applying, There is a very high approval rate for merchant cash advances applications and can even be approved within a day or two, while a lengthy history in operating a business along with a good credit score will benefit you in terms of favorable payment terms, little experience and bad credit score will not exclude you or render you ineligible for these investments. Many operators like ourselves offer an easy online application and quick turnaround times so it’s always in your control to select a business you wish to invest in and find a flexible efficient way to invest your money. Call us today at 877.996.2795 with any questions or to apply for our Painless Business Funding.