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PainlessProcessing provides the Best Merchant Services for small business. That’s the fact. But not only for small biz. We provide and support startup companies, online stores or websites making money by referral, selling services or virtual merchandise (like programs, apps or picture/video downloads). We offer the range of payment processing solutions for any type of business model.

Should I Switch My Merchant Provider to Painless?

Many businesses work with their payment processing providers to maintain a good working relationship. However, there are instances when changing a merchant provider may be necessary.

Top reasons why you should terminate your current merchant provider

Here are the top reasons why you should terminate your current contract with your merchant provider and move on to a new one. (Start shopping for a new merchant account with PainlessProcessing – you will not regret it. You will save your money.)

Misrepresented / High Rates and Fees

The advantage of a merchant contract is that you know the terms of your service and you have a schedule of fees to reference. Some credit processing companies charge low rates but high fees or vice versa. These high rates/fees can affect your annual profits leaving you with no option but to switch to a new credit card processor. Most times, the new processor will eat the penalties from the other processor, locking you into a new contract where rates and fees are more reasonable.

Customer Service

Good customer service is very important. Your merchant provider should provide 24/7 technical customer support for emergencies like a down network or to help you troubleshoot faulty equipment. Problem resolution teams and ticketing systems are an indication of a merchant provider / ISO that has the experience and strong internal systems/processes.

Startups and small businesses

Getting approved for a start-up business merchant account can be challenging because you do not have any biz payment processing history. You may not have the best financial situation or don’t have an excellent credit score. Additional challenges may arise if your start-up business is classified as a high-risk. Industries such as tobacco, vaporizer, e-liquid related, CBD or marijuana or perhaps adult merchandise or entertainment business. In this case, you’re dealing with two obstacles, you’re applying as a start-up business need a high-risk merchant account.

Best Merchant Services for Startups or Small Business

One of the many reasons our business clients rank financial processing relations with us, as Best Merchant Services for small business you can get – is our experience. We can have your fresh start-up business approved for a credit card or check processing account in as little as 24 hours. To accept credit cards as a form of payment in your new location. If you start your business as a website or an e-commerce online store it is extremely important for you to quickly obtain a merchant account for payment processing. Get approved for a start-up business with PainlessProcessing without any drama or challenges, absolutely painless.

We have check processing for your start-up business too. Whether it is Check21, ACH, or Check by Phone; we have the check processing solution and check processing equipment for your new business.


Today, credit card processors offer payment-processing software solutions that help integrate both credit and debit card transactions. Many software solutions such as Square and PayPal provide convenient ways to accept payments. Unfortunately, they usually are highly regulated and have a fixed rate that is higher and expensive.

Switching from one of these software to a more practical system can help save on rates. You should use a payment gateway that lets you attach any merchant provider to it like Painless Processing

High-Risk Merchandise or Service

Depending on your business model your business might be considered as a high-risk or low-risk. This assumption is based on and decades of credit card processing data. For example, models such as such restaurants are considered low risk. While others such as adult entertainment, firearms, and vaporizers or e-liquid businesses are considered high-risk.

If your merchant provider considers your business as high risk, the odds are high that you are paying higher rates and fees. Here is when PainlessProcessing comes into play. It’s a good idea to compare the rates and possibly switch providers. That alone could save you even thousands in transaction fees per month, depending on what you’re processing.

We have 20+ years of established good relations with the main banks in the USA and offshore. When it comes to obtaining a high-risk merchant account, we can approve products and services in industries that other providers typically decline.


With the new PCI and EMV regulations, having an obsolete payment-processing terminal could impact on how vulnerable your business is to fraud. The number of chargebacks you receive, and how your processing bank treats you. Your merchant provider should provide you with EMV and PCI terminals without extra charges in most cases.

Keeping your merchant account in good status is very important. If you are using a credit card processing terminal or software such as Zoho as part of your business operations. However, high rates and fees may mean it is time to switch to a new credit card processor. Terrible, useless customer service & support of merchant acc. provider or lack of up to date terminals are also signs of change.

Payment Solutions

At Painless Processing, we offer the best Merchant Services for small business, startups, and big corporations. We use the highest security level credit card processing technology. Locked rates and fees that will never go up. Efficient and knowledgeable customer service and support staff, ready to assist you at any time. We work with any and all business models. We offer multiple payment solutions such as ACH payment processing, credit card payment gateways for your website or online store, Check 21 processing with remote deposit capture and many more.

Contact us today for more information or apply for a merchant account online, with our Painless and Secure Application.

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