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Bar and nightclub merchants face a multitude of high-risk merchant account hurdles when accepting credit cards as a payment processing solution. The bar & nightclub industry is fueled by customers seeking a good time mostly through the consumption of alcohol. Although this is not illegal (with the exception of the sale of alcohol to minors), it can be a high-risk payment process to bar & nightclub merchants as customer judgement and decision-making abilities decrease with each drink consumed. Torn between wanting to provide the best experience possible to every customer and protecting their business from loss of payment from walk outs, chargebacks, or other reasons; bar & nightclub merchants are constantly looking for a way to improve efficiency and decrease turn-around time for the bar to the consumer in order to limit or eliminate these potential high-risk merchant scenarios.


Dispute resolution for bars and nightclubs that are prone to chargebacks and fraud, our solutions help manage the risk.


Fully customizable POS systems and terminals tailored to meet your needs.


Get more than a merchant account with merchant cash advance options that provide short-term financing to capitalize your business.

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Payment Processing Service for Bars & Nightclubs

Painless Processing offers bar & nightclub merchant accounts at some of the most competitive rates in the industry. We have fully customizable point of sale systems (POS) and wireless credit card terminals that can cut down on the time spent by servers walking back and forth to charge cards and close out tabs. Qualified merchants have access to free placement of these merchant payment processing hardware terminals.

Likewise, the costs of running a bar, pub, or nightclub such as equipment purchases, staffing, and marketing or advertising can be incredibly expensive for a bar or nightclub merchant and make cashflow management difficult. Our merchant cash advance options can provide the infusion of cash you require to manage, grow, and capitalize on opportunities to service as many patrons as possible, efficiently. Contact us today to speak with one of our bar & nightclub merchant industry experts and find out how Painless Processing can provide a payment processing solution that will help the drinks flow.

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