If you are in the adult industry, you know by now how difficult it is to form business liaisons with banks and the credit giants such as VISA and MasterCard, because they worry about the impact doing business with you would have on their relationships with other industries.


Painless Processing Can Deliver an Adult Merchant Account to You


Because of the risk involved with adult-themed products and services, paperwork is imperative. A payment processor has to be able to assess the level of risk involved, and respond accordingly. Follow these steps to facilitate your approval for an adult merchant account:

  • Assessing your financial stability is of paramount importance to a payment processor, so make sure you gather all financial statements relevant to your operation.
  • Include your history of doing business; Painless Processing needs to assess your transactions, refund volume, and chargebacks in order to secure an adult merchant account for you.
  • Writing a short merchant account cover letter can be very helpful; it should explain in simple, concise English what your business is all about. Be transparent and positive, as the account underwriters who read it are human and resonate with resonate with the right words.
  • Of course, you should include copies of your state identification and company license for review.


Successfully obtaining a merchant account from a payment processor is all about minimizing their risk. Even if you have some bad credit issues in your operating history, you may still be very much eligible for an adult merchant account – depending on the other factors of your business.


What to Look for in a Payment Processor


Now that you know what’s likely to be required of you, it’s time to assess the payment processor, itself. Attributes that are indicative of quality are:

  • Assess the terms of the contract you’re signing if your application is approved; make sure there are provisions for technical aspects of customer support – such as integration and implementation.
  • Avoid lengthy contracts; after all, what if you don’t like the services? Because of the nature of the adult merchant account industry, some payment processors will try to mitigate their risk by giving you an unnecessarily long contract and locking in payments.
  • In the offline space, high risk industries often deal mostly with cash and avoid credit card payments. Online, for obvious reasons, credit cards are essential; Painless Processing gives you a terminal and a point-of-service system that facilitates the acceptance of credit card payments – which helps everything run smoothly on your end.
  • Is well-versed in e-commerce; in particular, your shopping carts shouldn’t run into compatibility issues with either payment or product delivery.
  • Your payment processor takes your history into account; it’s only right that you consider theirs, as well. Check their reputation within the high risk merchant account industry and make sure it’s solid.

Minimizing Your Risk with an Adult Merchant Account


The sheer popularity and risqué nature of adult material tends to lead to many more costly chargebacks – i.e, a parent discovering their teenager’s account on an adult-themed site. As a final concern, the adult industry is rife with fraud, which can, of course, reflect negatively on the payment processor. Obtaining an adult merchant account is the best solution to significantly minimizing the risks to your business.


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