ACH payment processing for Small Business

Automated Clearing House Processing (ACH Processing) allows businesses to process and send funds to outside parties directly.

Painless Processing provides ACH payment processing services so clients can accept transactions from customers and companies, or securely pay employees and outside firms for their services.

We guide clients through the steps of applying for and obtaining an ACH merchant account and offer integration support so they can begin accepting and sending money efficiently.


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ACH Processing

ACH Payment Processing for High-Risk Industries

High-risk merchants benefit from ACH payments as well, for clearing houses protect them from NSF transactions, or when their products or business model face frequent cancellations and refund requests. We understands the challenges with obtaining high-risk merchant account. Here at Painless Processing we know all obsticals merchants has to deal with. As a payment processing provider we spent many years helping these businesses set up ACH merchant accounts to make their enterprise profitable. It’s our mission to support their continued operation, and it’s our passion to deliver detailed expertise and to provide the most reliable payment processing service.

Some high-risk industries we’ve worked with include:
  • Adult Membership Sites
  • Collections Businesses
  • Auto Discount Clubs
  • Medical Discount Clubs
  • Recurring Billing for High-Risk Products or Services
  • Membership Clubs (In General)
  • Discount Buying Clubs (In General)

The Benefits of Payments via ACH

We look forward to getting your ACH account set up.


Great for B2B and B2C transactions.

Fast Settlements

Most transactions settle in one business day or less.

Cost Effective

Inexpensive compared to other payment processing options.

Time Efficient

Automated process minimizes need for dedicated staff.

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Who Use ACH for Payment Processing?

ACH is well-known and widely used because it has a governing association, the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA). NACHA has made ACH a secure and reliable service that protects businesses from fraud and streamlines large transactions. Payment is deposited into bank accounts after being verified by an automated clearing house. These systems guarantee sufficient funds are available and then transfer the money into the right account, where the recipient authenticates them.

Commonly used to pay for cars, insurance, rentals, utilizes, and employee wages, ACH is a valuable resource for businesses. Recurring payment setup makes it easy to accept transactions from regular customers and businesses, and large purchases are no problem for the ACH system.

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ACH Payment Gateway

Painless Processing offers a unique user experience through our ACH Payment Gateway. This service allows clients to set up one-time or routine payments, or send money whenever they need. We keep detailed records of all transactions, simplifying the process of balancing accounts and tracking funds. This form of electronic payment makes wire transfers and paper checks obsolete, decreasing the amount of time spent in managing payments. ACH transfers cost significantly less than wires, which can be 15 to 45 dollars to initiate and receive them.

High-Risk Payment Processing Solution with ACH

ACH helps small businesses maintain cash flow, including those that operate on e-commerce platforms or experience higher risk due to their industry. As a payment service provider since 2009, Painless Processing offers modern tools and a wealth of experience. We work closely with clients to ensure seamless ACH processing, and treat their business with the same respect and care as they do. Whether our clients have never used an ACH system, or need to change providers, we explain what they need to do and how they do it.

ACH processing allows customers and service providers to complete transactions quickly, often on the same day they were sent. The limitations of these transfers are determined by batch times which begin at 10 AM and end at 8 PM.

Helping Businesses Achieve Financial Stability

Volume & Ticket Friendly

Seamlessly process high volumes and tickets above $2,500.

Recurring Transactions

Set up automated, recurring payments.

Safe & Secure

Transactions are encrypted to protect the user.

Environmentally Friendly

Electronic transactions and record keeping eliminate paper waste.

Automated Clearing is Simple, Secure… Painless.

Automated Clearing House processing or ACH Processing, is a payment processing service that allows payments to be made from business to business, business to consumer, or business to employee by directly depositing funds from one bank account to another easily and electronically. ACH processing is widely used and is known for being a safe and reliable form of payment processing mostly because it has its own governing body known as the National Automated Clearing House Association or NACHA.

The idea of ACH processing in its simplest form is that payment is a direct deposit, meaning that it goes from one bank account to another in a seamless, automated process that is authenticated by the user and verified by the automated clearing house. The most common use for ACH Processing is bill payments for cars, insurance, rentals, utilities, or other billing transactions as well as for paying employees but it is also a valuable service for high risk merchants or businesses. This direct deposit method of payment can be used for one-time payments or set-up for recurring payments.

How do merchants benefit from ACH Processing?
ACH Payment Processing Service

When merchants use ACH processing in order to make or accept payments there are a multitude of benefits. Some of those benefits are:

  • On average, the costs & fees associated with ACH processing are less than those associated with a merchant account.
  • Settlements are quick. NACHA rules have adjusted to allow same day settlements in many circumstances.
  • In some cases it eliminates the need for businesses to draft checks and the man power resources required to keep record. On the consumer side they don’t have to write out, purchase postage, and mail checks.
  • It’s easy to use. The biggest, most important task is to remember to batch out and that is a simple and quick process.
  • ACH processing can be set up for recurring billing which means that money can be pulled automatically at set time intervals.
  • This is also a good substitute for wire transfers because for small payments you can save a lot of money on fees where a wire can cost 15-45 dollars to initiate and / or receive.
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How can ACH Payments work for my business?

In most cases, the information provided by the end user in order to initiate an ACH transaction are intimate knowledge which virtually eliminates the potential for fraud as compared to fraud occurring from credit card processing. The ease of automation more or less makes the biggest task in ACH processing remembering to batch out so that the transactions are able to run through the automated clearing house and settle to the assigned bank account in a timely fashion. Although ACH processing is mostly used in traditional manners such as bill payments for cars, insurance, rents, utilities, or other recurring billing transactions as well as for paying employees; it is also available to high risk merchants selling high risk products or services for subscriptions, memberships, recurring billing models. Some will advertise high risk ACH processing, but it’s not the processing that is high risk; it’s the product, service, or merchant that is in fact high risk.

How difficult is it to get an ACH merchant account?

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