It is not easy running a club or a bar. This is a very busy atmosphere and there is always a lot going on. There are also a lot of customers as well as employees to keep track of. It is imperative to stay involved as a club or bar owner, not just from the standpoint of the owner but also from a more personal outlook. When everyone is involved and connected a business will run smoother and much more efficiently. Seven ways to increase revenue for your club or bar include the following:


1.  Save On Overhead

One of the greatest overhead costs you will likely have is the rent you are paying for your location. It is likely that the hours you are running your club or bar are limited. You can make money by leasing out your space to other businesses or organizations that maybe need the area for their own purpose. You could also renegotiate your rent or seek out a cheaper space.


2.  Switching Merchant Providers

There is a lot of risk involved with the processing of credit cards especially at a bar or nightclub. The rates are extremely high and the process can be very time consuming. You may want to consider finding a more painless processing nightclub merchant account or processing system that will save you money.


3.  POS Systems

A great new form of technology is a point of sale system that can be used right at the bar. Basically when a patron receives their drink they can immediately pay using the software and their credit or debit card. This saves the bartender time and makes the process very easy.


4.  Invest In Cameras

In order to reduce liability and lawsuits you should invest in a high quality camera system that will help you keep an eye on not only customers but also your employees. This cuts down on theft and violence.


5.  Get To Know Your Patrons

The best way you can increase revenue is to find out from people what you can do to improve your location. Maybe there is something you don’t offer that people want or perhaps people are looking for better entertainment. If you know your client base you can make changes to increase attendance and revenue.


6.  Your Best Days

Take a look at your numbers and figure out what your most popular nights are. You can make changes to less popular nights by maybe booking better entertainment or you can focus on making successful nights even more so.


7.  Promoters

Build a working relationship with upscale promoters that will bring you the best talent and entertainment. You can try to do this on your own but unless you know the right people you may want to leave this up to a professional.


If you are looking to increase revenue for your club or bar you might want to consider utilizing Painless Processing for your low risk and low rate processing needs.


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