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Making Payment Processing So Easy, It’s Painless – Merchant Services and Payment Processing

Painless Processing delivers superior payment services to small businesses, e-commerce companies, and merchants in high-risk industries. We offer rapid, 24-hour payment approvals and the lowest processing rates possible. It’s our mission to create and sustain a stable environment for our clients to accept payments, supporting their long-term growth.

Our clients benefit from highly-customizable merchant processing services. From consulting to integration, our clients are given the attention to detail and time they deserve.


Gain the Advantage with Our Cloud-Based Platforms

Painless Processing delivers cost-effective services to streamline our client’s businesses. Our rates for credit card transactions and ACH processing are affordable, increasing revenue every time a customer makes a purchase. We utilize secure cloud platforms that allow clients to access their accounts anywhere, which is particularly useful when they use our Point of Sale Systems.

Feedback and data are vital to maximizing profits. Our comprehensive reports deliver actionable insight for altering product and services or focusing marketing efforts on specific factors such as pricing, when and how often sales are made, and much more.


Payment Processing Services – Online and In-Store Solutions

We provide the payments services modern businesses need, equipping them with tools and technology to compete in a marketplace that works at a breakneck pace. Online merchant accounts allow our clients to quickly access their transactions, track sales targets, and perform general account maintenance.

Wherever our clients sell products and services, we can augment their payment processing with technology. Besides accelerated payment approval, Painless Processing provides transactional analysis for the overall improvement of the business.



Merchant Accounts for High-Risk Industries

We specialize in merchant services for high-risk businesses and platforms. For the clients, the Painless Processing team understands their need for transactional credibility and reliable processing. With our help, many clients have enhanced their profitability and minimized the risk factors inherent to their enterprise. Consider the industries we have experience in:


–    Adult Entertainment & Products

–    E-Cigarettes & Vapes

–    Guns & Ammunition

–    Memberships & Subscriptions

–    Supplements and Nutraceuticals

–    Headshops & Hookah Products


Contact Painless Processing for Cost-Effective Merchant Accounting

To join, it’s as easy as: Apply. Integrate. Process. Profit.

We make it painless to run transactions so you can run your business. Call or email us with questions, and we will get back to you promptly.

Need Help? Payment Gateway and Customer Support

We pair our excellent services with quick and responsive support, assisting our clients with transactions or questions whenever they need. For troubleshooting technical issues or inquiries regarding your payment processing system, contact us.

Payment processing is an absolute necessity.

Painless Processing makes it easy.



Easy application process


Experts make it easy


Accept payments seamlessly


Reap the benefits

Launch, Climb, and Prosper with Painless!

Whether you’re looking to save money or start a new business, Painless has all the processing solutions.

Launch Faster

Accept payments in as little as 24 hours

Climb Higher

All the tools necessary to take your
business to new heights

Prosper Further

Earn more by paying less

Since 2009, Painless Processing has been a preferred choice for merchant services specializing in the arena of high risk. We work with a wide array of businesses utilizing a variety of payment processing solutions that cater to each merchant’s individually unique needs. By aiming to provide a stable, long-term environment for merchants to accept payments; it is our mission to give the best rates, fastest approvals, and superior service in order to make payment processing so easy… it’s Painless.

We work with all types of businesses and billing models

Accept More, Earn More… Quickly, Easily, Painlessly!

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